LMS Brandz Delivers Results to Client by Streamlining E-store Process

Posted in Case Studies


We have all heard the horror stories of partnerships gone wrong. For a large, local construction company, being heard and valued was what they hoped for when beginning the design process of an e-store for their employees. They pursued a partnership with a larger competitor of LMS Brandz and found that their ideas did not transpire as they expected them to. The vendor proceeded with the branding process their own way, rather than taking the time to discuss the client’s needs and wants. This of course left the company frustrated and disappointed.
When LMS Brandz learned what had happened to the client, we immediately came to the rescue. We offered the company relevant information and examples of well-designed e-stores, and we even developed product samples for them to use. We took the time to listen to their thoughts and ideas and provided them with free mock-ups and virtual images of the products, complete with their logo and branding. It was our attention to detail that helped win over the client, who now refers to LMS Brandz as their preferred vendor.
Today, we host the online e-company store for this client. We continue to go above and beyond to convey the value we have in our clients, building their trust, and creating new partnerships as we grow. When looking for the perfect vendor, know that LMS Brandz is 100% committed to the creative process from the moment of inquiry to the final product. It is our commitment that sets us apart from the others; we see our clients as partners, not numbers.