LMS Brandz Creates Unique Solutions for Tedious Tasks

Posted in Case Studies

The purpose of outsourcing is to make life easier.
So what happens when your supplier creates more work for you?


When chatting with one of our newest clients, we learned about a previous dealing with another supplier that left them with more work than they intended on. When the client received their bulk items from this supplier, they were left with the task of assembling client welcome gifts themselves in their own office. This left them frus-trated and behind on their own work.


We let this new client know that LMS Brandz can do the work for them! The client shipped their items directly to us so that we could create customized boxes with personalized cards to drop ship to their new clients each week.


Once choosing to switch to LMS Brandz, our client saved themselves time and money. We are masters of identifying and providing solutions that bring value to our clients’ businesses. We always put our clients’ needs and desires first, so we can create the best solution per their request. We take the time to listen and really hear each of our clients to ensure we are creating less work for them while saving them money and time.