LMS Brandz Earn Media Mention For Trending Marketing Strategy At 2019 Grammys

Posted in Case Studies

What business can deliver marketing products and services during a busy holiday for an upcoming major A-list celebrity event that the entire world would be watching? Just ask Leon Kramer about his recent experience with our LMS Brandz promotional marketing experts as he will tell you that our company was the only one willing to take on his one-of-a-kind project on short-notice and also deliver the type of results that gained JBL worldwide Grammy attention.


Our ability to create marketing trends is due to our knowledge and experience in marketing specialties. What Kramer valued most was our attention to detail and customer service which we know are key to new client acquisition initiatives that keep our name in news articles. Not only did Kramer’s clients love the branded JBL headphones and opera glasses we created for the 2019 Grammy Awards, but they have also placed a follow-up order because of distribution brilliance.

JBL is rated as one of the hottest headphone companies on the planet and is a major player on the audio scene. To receive such accolades from the company executive that distributed our products at the Grammys is noteworthy as it lets the business world know that the trending marketing insight of LMS Brandz is worth investing. The media mention also allows business executives to know that we will deliver a fashionable marketing strategy regardless of branding or timeframes.


Our primary goal is always to provide personalized client experiences as well as deliver cost-effective solutions that help LMS Brandz build trustworthy relationships with all our clients. Our campaigns would be impossible without the outstanding delivery of promotional marketing plans, trending product designs, our staff’s impeccable execution, and the type of customer care that gains us client recognition. For this client, our top-notch delivery was all in the details.