We’ll Set Up and Manage Your Online Company Store

Are you looking to set up a company store with your branded products, or do you need a company to manage the one you already have? Like many companies, you may have set up a company store without realizing the overhead costs and the time necessary to keep your website and product inventories up-to-date. Your store may be filled with older products that your employees no longer want.

LMS Brandz can manage your company store for you. We provide a cost-effective inventory management tool that can manage both your overhead and merchandise. We have a dedicated team that will assist you in creating a fully customizable website for your merchandise. In today’s environment, security is our utmost concern. After your store is set up, your employees and partners will be able to log in to a securely encrypted online environment, where they can purchase any number of your branded products.

Our clients find that having us manage their online store helps them offer more up-to-date products and control their inventories effectively, creating a positive experience for their employees.

Interested in learning more about LMS Brandz online company store services? Contact us today: contact@lmsbrandz.com.